Guldborgsund Zoo

This Time my Client was a local zoo, they wanted me and my Group to help, improve their webiste and come up with ideas on how to get more visitors.

This also involved better information for the guests that was also aimed at adults and children.

Here is the moodeboard that was chosen with pre approved colors.

To see what fonts we used, see the moodboard.



so the client wanted us to make somthing, that would inform the guests abount plants and animals, so we made a comic for the kids.

It was my idea to make it as such, since moste childre like comics.

It was tested on a second grade lower primary school class, and a seventh grade private lower primary school class.

the responses we gathered was as predicted.

The youngest class loved it, while the older class was more interested in the information rather than the comic it self.

The Comics tells a story about how the plant Works, complete with illustrations, it also includs facts about grass.


i did the research and designed this index page, to house our comic info strips

there was also made an information page just for the adults,

here we just used the information about said plants.



each of the comic info strips, that was made also had an info box underneath it, for the adults and kids who wanted to know more.

We even made a quizz game for the guests, wit questions about the various animals in the zoo and the answers were all logical and could be answered by chooseing between several choises.



and here is a link to the page.

and here is a link for the quiz


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