Bakers and Cakes

This Time Charlotte Gohlke Bendtsen.
The Competition Baker was my Groups new client, she wanted us to make a logo and an app ide for her, so my  Group and i did just that.
I thought The Little cupcake was a good choice for the logo.
This is The Logo that  we made, it is based on the clients
favorit baking speciality which is cupcakes.
Here we have a Screenshot of the appe that was made for her,
it uses a tag system wich allows the user to tag the ingredients with colored tags, green for the ones they already have and red for the ones they need to buy.
To complete the recipe.
It was My idea to make the user able to change the color of the tags so they could remember what they had at home and what needed to be bought.
and here is a link for it.
 Here is a modeboard that was made for this project.
a link to the page




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